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Benefits of Being a BitSight Partner


Set yourself apart from your competitors by adding market-leading BitSight Security Ratings to your portfolio. Our data-driven insights can stand alone or be integrated with GRC, SIEM, and third-party risk management solutions. Either way, BitSight expands your ability to add value and address modern security challenges proactively.


Leverage BitSight Security Ratings to drive new opportunities and activity higher and wider within your existing accounts and prospective audiences. Our joint selling opportunities, sales margins, marketing development funds, and incentives serve to increase your potential reach and profitability with our leading BitSight products.


Position and sell BitSight effectively with a solid understanding of how our security ratings address today’s security challenges. BitSight sets you up for sales success with our monthly online partner sales and product training, on-demand training, and available onsite training options.


View and manage multiple aspects of your BitSight-related sales efforts using the dashboards and tools available in our PartnerEDGE portal. Convenient, at-a-glance displays provide the high-level overviews of your current opportunities, deal registrations, and MDF. Drill-down capabilities enable you to dive deeper into the details as needed.


Access our comprehensive library of sales and marketing resources through the PartnerEDGE portal. Cobrand BitSight collateral on-the-fly; view on-demand product and training webinars; download blog entries, and find the latest list ofBitSight-hosted and relevant industry events. Resources include both partner-and customer-facing assets to support your sales and marketing efforts.

The PartnerEDGE Program

Expanding Opportunities

By integrating the market-leading BitSight Security Ratings Service into existing technology platforms and service offerings, our partners enable their customers to access daily security ratings that provide critical insight for better management of risk.

Our joint customers quickly see the benefits – and so do our partners as they expand their services, offerings, and revenue opportunities.


Managing Risk

The BitSight portfolio of solutions allows our partners' customers to identify, quantify, and mitigate risk proactively in these FIVE key areas:

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Third-party risk management
  • Benchmarking against market peers
  • Security practice comparisons with our industry indices
  • Compliance monitoring

BitSight PartnerEDGE partners work collaboratively to:

  • Drive awareness of proactive risk management
  • Increase visibility into customers' potential risks

Driving Awareness

BitSight partners expand our ability to seize opportunities and reach new audiences worldwide that can benefit from our leadership in the Security Ratings sector and the valuable security insights that our market-leading products provide.

BitSight PartnerEDGE partners work collaboratively to:

  • Drive awareness of proactive risk management
  • Increase visibility into customers’ potential risks using BitSight solutions

Partner Types

See below for descriptions and partner listings:


Our Value Added Resellers (VARs) provide an additional
sales channel
for BitSight with significant
service offerings beyond basic implementation.


Our Platform partners are global organizations that sell
BitSight actively 
via technology integrations
of BitSight Security Ratings
within a separate platform or product.


Our Platform partners are global organizations that sell

Our Integration partners leverage our product in a technology integration to offer customers a more complete solution, or to demonstrate the effectiveness of their technology solution within a customer's network.



Reseller Partners


BitSight partners with AT&T to offer Cybersecurity Rating, a solution that equips small and medium businesses with actionable data to identify, measure, and reduce cybersecurity risk.

BitSight partners with IHS Markit to create Research Signals: Cybersecurity Factors, a solution that provides asset managers with critical cybersecurity intelligence on organizations worldwide, allowing them to incorporate cybersecurity into their investment decision-making processes.

BitSight partners with Verizon on the Verizon Risk Report, an automated, comprehensive security risk scoring framework that identifies current security gaps, weaknesses, and associated risks on a daily basis.


 The Allgress Insight Risk Management Suite is an integrated platform which utilizes advanced visualization, automation, streamlined workflows, to reduce the complexity and cost of risk management.


Axio helps organizations understand cyber exposure, calculate risk, and make data-driven decisions that improve their security and risk posture and accelerate the maturity of an organization's capability to manage cyber risk. BitSight data is available in this platform, including a mapping of BitSight risk vector to the C2M2.

Brinqa is a leading provider of unified risk management and enables stakeholders, governance organizations, and infrastructure and security teams to manage technology risk effectively at the speed of business.

Coupa Software is a global technology platform for Business Spend Management (BSM). BitSight data is available in the Coupa Risk Assess (Supplier Risk Assessment Management) and Coupa Risk Aware (Supply Chain Management) products.

Used by brokers, insurers, reinsurers, and modelers throughout the world to evaluate, price, and model cyber risk, BitSight Security Ratings are now available to joint customers in the Duck Creek Platform. An Anywhere Enabled Integration now available on the Duck Creek Content Exchange allows insurers to make requests to the BitSight service to retrieve an overall rating and industry comparison, as well as information on individual risk vectors, their grades, and their industry comparison grades. Using this data, carriers can assess the cyber risk of an applicant organization during the underwriting process and price the policy appropriately.

CyberOne Security provides enterprise cloud software for risk and regulatory compliance automation. BitSight Security Ratings, as well as links to the BitSight portal provide more context and are available in the CyberOneSecurity Vendor Risk Management application.

CyberGRX is a shared assessment exchange. Customers can view BitSight data alongside their vendor assessments.

Decison Focus builds software for your risk, compliance and audit programs.

Galvanize helps organizations meet their security, risk, and compliance goals quickly–even as requirements are always changing. BitSight data is available to BitSight customers within the legacy RSAM platform.



Lockpath is a provider of governance, risk management, and compliance and information security software. Its Keylight platform integrates business processes to simplify risk management and regulatory compliance challenges. BitSight data is available in Keylight.



Privva is a cloud-based vendor risk assessment platform that delivers value for a diverse customer base.

ProcessUnity is a provider of cloud-based risk and compliance management tools. The company's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform gives organizations the control to assess, measure, and mitigate risk and to ensure the optimal performance of key business processes. BitSight data is available in ProcessUnity.


RSA Archer is a GRC platform that provides automation and integration of business process, governance, compliance, and risk. BitSight arms RSA Archer with an innovative platform to measure security performance and risk.

SecZetta’s Third-Party Identity Risk solution provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that help organizations improve their operational efficiency and reduce the cost and risk of managing third party identities.

ServiceNow provides service management software-as-a-service(SaaS). Brings BitSight Security Ratings data–including rating, risk vector grades, and alerts –into a company's vendor risk management program through the free integration available in the ServiceNow app store. Including this context and automation allows the companyto adjust itsprocesses and vendor risk management program, creating tighter alignment with overall enterprise risk management priorities, and ultimately establishing an integrated view of risk.

Third Party Trust is a vendor risk management tool that helps companies assess more vendors and resolve security gaps quickly by simplifying the process through automated workflows. BitSight data is available within the Third Party Trust platform.

ThreatQ is a threat intelligence platform that manages security operations through streamlined threat operations and management. BitSight data is available in ThreatQuotient.

Venminder is an industry recognized leader of third-party risk management solutions. Dedicated to third-party risk, the company is the go-to partner for software, vendor risk assessments on vendor controls, certified subject-matter expertise and education. Venminder’s platform provides a centralized location to execute a third-party risk management program. It enables users to store documentation, onboard a vendor, track contracts, manage SLAs, send and manage questionnaires, manage due diligence and oversight, complete risk assessments, create workflows, run reporting and more.

Whistic is used to transform questionnaire data, documentation, and team bios into a living security profile that allows companiesto prioritize incoming requests more effectively and deliver a standardized security review response to targeted recipients. BitSight data is available within the Whistic platform.

OneTrust Vendorpedia™ is a technology platform that helps more than 4,500 customers of all sizes automate third-party risk, security, and privacy management. The purpose-built software enables organizations to automate the entire vendor risk lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. Vendorpedia is powered by 60 awarded patents to offer the most depth and breadth of any third-party risk, security, and privacy solution in the market.

SureCloud offers a differentiated approach to streamlining and automating Governance Risk and Compliance processes with its simple, intuitive and flexible software solutions. BitSight and SureCloud together enable a highly automated Vendor Assurance program and combines the best of BitSight ratings information with SureCloud assessment based activities resulting in a unique ‘hands off vendor onboarding’ environment.